5. Doomsday cults


(This text is incomplete. If you wish to read it in full, please purchase the book) ... are synonymous with tragedy and disaster. But no cult is constituted as a doomsday cult, but it evolves into such a cult under the influence of a mentally challenged leader. The leader is the heart of a sect. He inspires power and influence and he identifies himself with the Messiah or with an important end-time prophet. He brings knowledge about new ways of redemption and news about imminent disasters. No group is a doomsday cult without the approval and the support of the leader. The psyches of the individuals and of the leader are in a relation of symbiosis: the adulation of the followers feeds the egocentrism of the false messiah, while the latter takes the responsibility of redeeming them. The leader controls the concepts of the individual,

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1. The meanings of the expression “end of the world”


The idea of the end of the world transcends the temporal, spatial, cultural and religious barriers. It is a concept incessantly discussed. Now, in the age of information, we have probably read about it in books or on the Internet, we heard about it at church or on the radio, or we have seen it in various forms on TV. A lot of people debate about the end of the world. But what does this end of the world actually mean?

The expression “end of the world” may refer to a multitude of things, depending on the meaning of its two terms. The first term, “end,” may signify: disappearance, extinction, destruction, (radical) transformation, migration, extermination or death. In turn, the term “world” can be used with the meaning of: humanity, mankind, civilization, the Universe, Earth (planet) or a group of people. Hence, the expression “end of the world” may refer to any combination between the possible meanings of its two terms, as it follows: the transformation of humanity, the extinction of the human race, the destruction of Earth, the transformation of the Universe, the fall of civilization, a significant change in the environmental conditions and so on.

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History of the Apocalypse


by Catalin Negru


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This preface is not included in the ebook or the printed book, but we chose to include it here to make for a better reading experience and to explain certain aspects which may seem peculiar in the format of the ebook.

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