This preface is not included in the ebook or the printed book, but we chose to include it here to make for a better reading experience and to explain certain aspects which may seem peculiar in the format of the ebook.

(1) For those of you who are reading an ebook for the first time, it must be noted that it does not contain special characters specific to various languages, or it does so within strict limits. In order to avoid potential display errors, most authors, myself included, choose to replace special characters with similar letters in the English alphabet. "Ü" becomes "U," "æ" becomes "ae" or "é" becomes "e." In the same manner superscript characters such as "21st" or "45°" become "21st" and “45 degrees” respectively. Here, on the website, the text contains special characters. Characters specific to Greek and Hebrew have not been removed in the ebook as this would have altered the accuracy of the text and the message.

(2) You may experience minor display errors depending on the e-reader software you are using. The book has been tested on several e-readers before publication. Should you experience these errors, we advise you to try other e-readers. To avoid possible accusations, we will not indicate which e-readers to use, suffice it to say, they are available to download for free on the Internet.

(3) Some web pages mentioned in the bibliography may have become unreachable due to the volatile nature of the Internet. We advise you to use search engines to find those pages using the author, title or content snippets as keywords.

(4) Some aspects regarding style, notation, punctuation or spelling may be considered wrong by academics. This book mainly targets common readers and academics secondly. Due to the large body of information, we had to find a balance between the quantity and the quality of the message so as to offer a pleasurable and useful reading experience without tiring or boring the reader.

(5) The bibliography used in this book is offered in full on this website, special characters included, so as to enable readers to easily find the sources.

(6) The book was written in the hope that it will be published in print, but the ebook format is based on texts that "flow," without dimensions. That is why, certain quotations which exceeded four lines in the original manuscript have been separated from the main body of text according to academic rules, while other quotations are inline with the text. As well, in the original manuscript, separated quotation have a smaller font size than the main text but by conversion to ebook format this distinction has been lost: the entire text uses the same font size. In order to compensate this drawback, the quotations on this site are highlighted by using a different color. For an optimum reading experience we recommend that the width of the text be 6 inches or 15.24 cm. The book hasn’t been printed yet but, depending on resources, we are attempting to do so.

(7) Some quotations do not comply to the modern spelling and punctuation rules and the titles of the books, depending on the period, author style or publishing house, are written either in capitals or uncapitalized. Some authors capitalize even the prepositions in titles. We kept the original form including the punctuation.

(8) In a project of such magnitude and complexity mistakes are inevitable, especially given the fact that this is the work of a single man. Should you wish to report a mistake of any kind or you have an idea on how we can improve the book for future editions, please indicate the mistake and/or your suggestion in a file and send it to our contact address. All suggestions are welcome.

We hope you will enjoy the book.

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