3.1. The age of the contactees



For now, the strongest scientific argument that supports the existence of extraterrestrial intelligent beings is only a statistic: the Universe is so big that there has to be other life forms that possess intelligence and abilities to shape their environment. Our galaxy, the Milky Way, comprises over 100 billion stars, and the known Universe comprises over 100 billion galaxies. Hypothetically, if one in a million planets capable to support life would be indeed populated with life, and if one in a million planets that would be populated with life would also shelter intelligent life, then there would be millions of intelligent species in the Universe. So, following this reasoning, it is unlikely that Earth is the only planet that supports life and man is the only intelligent being in the Universe. The statistics, however, regardless of their kind, cannot serve as an indisputable proof that we are not alone, a proof that has been missing to this day. Accordingly, believing or not believing in aliens is a personal choice.

The current cultural image of aliens is chaotic and even hilarious, being formed of inexhaustible theories, countless “evidence” and lots of contradictions. On the one hand, huge funds and efforts are invested in scientific research to find microorganisms on various celestial bodies or to intercept a signal from unearthly intelligent beings. On the other hand, there is the media circus with flying saucers, aliens who violate our private property, enter houses without knocking at the door, disturb people’s sleep, sample cells, have fun raping or kidnapping humans, conspire to destroy us all, more aliens, secret experiments and human history rewritten. Since the beginning of the 20th century an industry that exploits our fascination and passion for the sensational has been developed. Compared to other paranormal topics (magic, Spiritism, fortune-telling, ghosts), aliens are at the top of the public’s preferences. Figuratively, we assist at an alien “invasion” in our everyday life: on TV, on radio, on the Internet, in newspapers and magazines. Whether they are denied or accepted, the multitude of books, movies, video games, commercials or toys proves the fact that aliens are a modern legend with important mercantile implications.

The problem of aliens is that their image evolved according to scientific progress. The idea of intelligent beings that live on other planets appeared around the year 1900. And until the 1970s aliens were often depicted as coming from Mars or Venus. Both planets were believed to host life. With the help of the telescopes, the researchers of the time observed that the surface of Mars is wrinkled by canyons, natural formations that were wrongly classified as canals (artificial). The geological formations were believed to be a huge irrigation system designed to support life. On the other hand, Venus fascinated with its thick clouds that cover the entire planet and does not allow the observation of the soil. Apparently, under the impenetrable atmosphere a prehistoric-like world was hiding, with dinosaurs and lush forests. Hence, the inhabitants of the two planets – Martians and Venusians – were very popular in entertainment industry; they became both a symbol for the wonders of space waiting to be discovered and an image of the human fears. In the science fiction literature and in movies Martians and Venusians have often been portrayed as unfriendly creatures; they visited Earth only to steal resources and women. For example, in 1938, on the occasion of the feast of Halloween, panic erupted among the Americans when Orson Welles broadcast on radio H. G. Wells’s production The War of the Worlds. The story was presented in a new style, by interrupting the program of another show and dramatically announcing that Earth was invaded by unfriendly beings from space. The broadcast was performed with such authenticity that it convinced thousands of people that the world was in peril (or at least New Jersey). Although in the next hours additional broadcasts repeatedly denied what had been previously reported, the panic was hardly appeased. The hysterical people blocked the roads, called the police and caused much damage fleeing. The following day Welles publicly apologized.1238

The alien phenomenon suffered a sudden transformation shortly after the Second World War. In June 1947, while he was flying above the State of Washington, the American pilot Kenneth Arnold saw nine strange objects flying in formation, acting as saucers that float on water. The American pilot estimated the speed of these objects to 1,600 km/h, three times faster than any airplane of the time. It didn’t take long until Kenneth Arnold’s story and the words “flying saucer” came on everyone’s lips. Four years later, the American officer Edward J. Ruppelt, involved in Project Blue Book,1239 coined the expression “unidentified flying object” (UFO). This was the moment of birth of ufology – the study of unidentified flying objects. Ever since, flying saucers and unidentified flying objects on the one hand, and aliens on the other hand, have been inseparable things. Any unidentified flying object was believed to be driven by aliens, and any alien was supposed to possess a flying saucer. Shortly after Kenneth Arnold’s bold confession, numerous American institutions and newspapers were bombarded with reports about unusual flying saucers.1240 Of all, only one profoundly influenced the history of the phenomenon: Roswell.

Just two weeks after Kenneth Arnold’s story, on the night of July 2, 1947 (or the 4th of July according to other accounts), near the town of Roswell, New Mexico, an enormous luminous disk seems to have crashed. According to local witnesses, the American army arrived shortly after the incident and took the damaged ship together with its occupants, presumed to be unearthly beings. It must be mentioned, though, that at the time Roswell was sheltering the only air unit of nuclear bombardment in the world, and west of Roswell there was White Sands, a secret military complex where new weapons and missile systems were built and tested.1241

Six decades later the debate about the Roswell incident was far from over. No one can say for sure what really happened that night, if it was a failed military experiment or an alien crash. The only thing certain about the Roswell incident are its effects: it gave birth to a veritable folklore and influenced the way we perceive today the alien phenomenon. Because of it, issues such as the appearance of aliens, their intentions, the technologies they own and the role of governments began to be seriously and publicly discussed.

Most ufologists and alien worshipers have no doubt that unidentified flying objects are piloted by aliens. Up to this moment hundreds of thousands of pieces of evidence regarding the presence of unidentified flying objects (videos, pictures, confessions or crop formations) have come to surface. Yet, the existence of extraterrestrial beings is supported by an insignificant number of questionable proofs. Despite the numerous descriptions and reports about direct contacts, there is no video, no picture, no souvenir, absolutely no tangible evidence that could be verified and confirm the presence of aliens.

A minor group of researchers consider that unidentified flying objects are real, but they are controlled by people. Unidentified flying objects are in fact secret military experiments, camouflaged through misinformation, alien stories and mind control experiments.

Common sense and the logic of history link the Roswell incident to the military experiments of the Second World War, especially the Nazi projects. Indeed, like aliens, Nazism is also an inexhaustible source of folklore and wild theories. But it is a historical fact that during the two world wars weaponry was developed much faster than during peace time. In addition, it is no secret that the German war machine invested huge amounts of money and energy in military research, aiming to produce more efficient weapons. From giant bunkers and secret bases to revolutionary airplanes, the German army left behind a vast military legacy which, even today, is not fully known to the public.1242 In addition, at the end of the war most of the engineers and Nazi projects came in the hands of the Allies, Wernher von Braun and the V-2 rocket being the most eloquent examples. That being said, it is true that the Nazi flying saucers captured by the Allies do not enjoy the publicity of aliens, but the historical course supports this theory.

After the Roswell incident came into the media, the UFO phenomenon became richer through the emergence of the “contactees” – people who pretend that they are in telepathic connection with superior intelligent beings from other planets or other dimensions. The contactees, this new breed of pseudo-prophets, appeared virtually overnight. And, as in the case of the religious pseudo-prophets, the extraterrestrial revelations have been mostly followed by the establishment of inane doctrines and organizations.

The 1950s was the apogee of the “age of the contactees.” Most of them had been anonymous people who experienced revelations and lived inner transformations similar to those of Joanna Southcott or Ann Lee. Only one thing changed: the revelations no longer came from God, but from aliens. In 1947 the painter Allen Noonan in Long Beach, California, claimed that he had had a telepathic meeting with an alien. He then changed his name to “Allen Michael” and gathered a group which practiced tantric sex and vegetarianism. In 1973 Allen Michael founded the Universal Industrial Church of the New World Comforter and published the first volume of the series of alien revelations called The Everlasting Gospel.1243

A similar story came from the postman William Ferguson. In 1948 he confessed that he had astrally traveled on Mars, where the native aliens had told him that they were going to send a friendly expedition on Earth. Ferguson said that the beings from space and their ships exist in a higher dimension, being capable to appear and disappear whenever they want. In 1955 he founded the organization Cosmic Circle of Fellowship to spread the revelations received from aliens. Instructed by Khauga, Christ’s brother and one of the numerous interdimensional sons of God, he developed techniques of absolute relaxation, body healing and spiritual development. The purpose of these practices was to awake the superhuman consciousness, necessary for Parousia.1244

Scientology came into being at the beginning of the 1950s through the telepathic work of L. Ron Hubbard. This fraud said that all humans experienced countless past lives, including existences in advanced ancient alien societies such as the Helatrobus or the Marcabians. The best-known and most ridiculed story was that of Xenu, the leader of the Galactic Confederation. The latter, allegedly, brought billions of frozen people on Earth 75 million years ago and killed them with hydrogen bombs in order to solve the problem of overpopulation. The spirits of these humans were then captured by Xenu, mass implanted with certain specifications and grouped in clusters of spirits. When the “Thetans” (the Scientological term for the human being) die, they go to a landing station on the planet Venus, from where they are reimplanted on Earth and programmed to forget the past lives. To avoid these inconveniences, Hubbard advised his followers to refuse to go on Venus after death.1245 Scientology gained international fame because it managed to convince famous names, such as the actors John Travolta and Tom Cruise, to join its ranks.

In 1954 in El Cajon, California, Ernest Norman and his wife Ruth founded the Unarius Academy of Science. This organization taught that through the use of the physics of the fourth dimension people would be capable to communicate with higher-frequency intelligent beings. The Unarians believed in reincarnation and that our solar system was once populated by prehistoric interplanetary civilizations. In 1954 the Normans started to publish ... (This text is incomplete. If you wish to read it in full, please purchase the book)

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