Latest review on History of the Apocalypse

[By Mary W on Goodreads]: I’ll start with the minuses: To be honest, reading it all was a challenge. It is very long and in some parts (I think that) it can be improved or simplified. Minor mistakes here and there. Moreover, later I understood that a minimum of information about the three Abrahamic religions had to be included in the first part of the book – which is like 10% of the book – in order to understand the rest of it, but I find religious dogmas quite dull. Now the pluses. In the second part things became interesting... read more »

The prophetic foundations of the Islamic State and the radicalization of Islam

...the Islamic State points toward the fulfillment of prophecies. But the organization is in accordance with only a small fraction of all the Islamic prophecies and contrary to many others. Religion, however, has the gift of eclipsing reason, making people ignore failures and see only the successes and the alleged wonders. While the rise of the Islamic State was not entirely an accident, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s coming to power was due to pure chance. The problem is that... read more »

How to Squash a Paranormal Claim

The James Randi Educational Foundation has never met a "psychic" it couldn't discredit—easily. Still, Randi understands why such frauds appeal to people. Question: What does the JREF consider a legitimate test of paranormal claims? A test of any specific claim is going to depend entirely upon that claim. If you say you can speak to dead people, I've got a whole load of questions I would like to ask certain dead people. Answers to which I already have, and the dead people, since they are dead, I don't believe they've got the answers any longer, but if you want to call them up and... See the video »

Ken Neepness asked: "What things about some cultures do you find disgusting?"

I find many things from many cultures disgusting , but I’ll say something about what I find disgusting in Western culture: waste. Take a look at the image below. No. Not at the woman, but at her bra. You like it? That bra costs 3 million dollars. It is decorated with more than 9,000 precious gems, and hand set with diamonds and emeralds in 18-karat gold. I can’t even imagine how many hours of work and energy were invested to make this bra. I ask you: Why? What... read more »

The end of the world now predicted for December say doomsday groups [on The Telegraph]

If you were here for the end of the world earlier in October, you may have realised that the fires of God's wrath were not, this time, as hot as anticipated. In fact, it would have been nice if the evening was a little warmer. However, there is a new predicted date for the end of the world, and we know this thanks to 'BeforeItsNews' who have been valiantly updating their website with new information about what they claim is the apocalypse. The latest date predicted for the... read more »

Review: The God delusion (2006) by Richard Dawkins

For Richard Dawkins this world is a battleground between two forces. On the one hand there is faith, which is like a plague and its obvious symptom is religion, while on the other hand there is reason, whose symptom is science. Dawkins’s book is about defending reason, science and atheism, and attacking faith and religion. For him, faith and religion are a sort of intellectual diseases that not only managed to resist, but they keep coming back over and over again with renewed strength and new means of adaptation. And their effects are... read more »